Robin Williams

I have witnessed in the past 24 hours some horrific as well as good comments behind the death of Robin Williams, but people failed to see one thing. 

Depression has been and still is a HUGE ISSUE in our society that has LONG been overlooked.   Like I have said tons of times before…..there are countless people walking free among us today that are prisoners of thier own mind.  Some function well and others don’t.   I have suffered from it, so I speak from experience…but my story as well as others don’t mean a hill of beans to no one until something fatal happens…in most cases.  My question is….why wasn’t depression treated and given a voice like it is now before Robin Williams?

Why do we have to have tragedies like this before we have a national cry for help and intervention?   Why do people on and offline treat people with so much hatred and disregard ALL THE TIME?  Those that are SPEAKING the loudest would be the very ONES who have dealt much evil to people with thiers l actions as well as thier mouths! 

Instead of loving on people and giving respect to get it…..the ills of our society has allowed this childish disregard of people and their feelings for FAR too long.  I just went on a post here on facebook about Robin Williams and Todd Bridges.   You wouldn’t believe the sheer unfiltered PURE HATRED I read.  Its HONESTLY DISGUSTING to read.

Thankfully I have relationship with God, I’ve been in ministries, and I have strong family who have helped me channel through the years and years of built up depression.  I speak from EXPERIENCE.   I’ve been where Robin was and countless others.   Trust me I can’t even count on my hands and feet COMBINED how many times I’ve thought about it.  BUT GOD. 

People see me now and read my posts and think my life has been rosey peachy and on cloud 9 all my life.  I beg to differ.  They look at my page and say omg I am sick of her pictures her posts etc etc…..but fail to realize nor do they care that I was once just at the door of 300lbs of built up DEPRESSION.   I’ve shared SOME of my testimony but I have yet to share even 5% of it. 

I was sharing with a classmate of mine some 5 years ago…my story she flat out told me, “you are stupid for thinking to take your life just plain stupid!” I said to myself WOW! I still talk to her when I see her I passing but I have never viewed her the same. I think that was very rude but ignorant on her behalf. I’m thinking she doesn’t know the power of her words. Had she been a bit more senitive and knowledgeable perhaps she would have thought twice. I was in my healing process at that time.

I have not arrived.  I am far from perfect but I do know one thing….had it not been for God and prayer I’d be 6 feet under myself by my own hands. 

This isn’t about me…..nor is our life testimony about us….its to help others.  Everyone has their own cup to bear, cross to carry.  Its not about Robin Williams whom I loved so much.  It’s about those countless faces of people on and offline who suffer from this EVERYDAY.  Who may not be alone but feel alone because they fight depression and the demons of depression day in and day out. 

Instead of talking about people, running them in the ground,  speaking evil against them, talking in front of and behind their backs, passing them and not speaking, acting like they don’t matter…..

We should ALL do a self evaluation and say to yourselves how can I……make a difference?   How can I do better?  Because that act or comment you do towards someone could be the death of them… thier very own hand. 

We can ALL stand to do better.  No one is perfect but we can all do better one person at a time. 

Feeling some type of way….

I apologize for any typos,   I am very passionate about this issue and I was typing very fast from my mobile device.  
God bless




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