In addition to an earlier post….it is amazing to me that in a matter of mins or hours the weather can change so quickly! This morning I was telling the boys on the way to school OMG ITS SO COLD….now its like omg…I’ve got to take this coat off! A lot of times the cold can cause so many issues to arise. Pipes bursting, increased utility bills, sickness, runny, and stuffy nose….but in a matter of minutes the temperature can change reversing a lot of the above mention things….causing everything to line back up.

As I look back over my life I just shake my head. My cousin said now….if I was in my younger days with the wisdom I had now man…..I could really be a force to be reackon (spelling lol) with….well folks imagine that?

But with that being said lets focus on where we are right now. Can you imagine how much more productive we could be if we just roll with the punches, learn from adversity, develop healthy coping skills, and understand how nature works?

You’re probably saying what does nature have to do with it? Well, all truth is parallel….we can learn a lot if we just slow down long enough to observe the beauty around us and allow the love of God saturate and flood our negatives with positives. Today is a new day, yesterday is gone. The tears I cried yesterday is gone. The midnight hour is gone. Today is another opportunity!