GOD trusted JOSEPH with PAIN….and Joseph walked it out.  Can you IMAGINE the pain that he suffered and all the times he asked GOD why me Lord?  When GOD gives you a PROMISE its beautiful….when you say “YES LORD” its even more beautiful….but folks we have GOT to trust GOD.  To whom MUCH is given MUCH is required….   For the PURE annointing, blessings, and PROMISES, you HAVE to go through.  Do you think a 5 STAR General goes from a infant to General in a few days?  No, there is training, TRIALS and situations HE MUST grow THROUGH NOT just go through ON AUTO pilot.  He must be TRIED and PROVEN that he NOT only can BOUNCE back from adversity and hard times….but HE MUST be able to HEAR the VOICE of his commanding officer (GOD) and be able to WALK OUT “ANYTHING” that comes his way.  In order to win and be able to MINISTER to others you have to have a PROVEN track record.  Don’t charge GOD but SERVE the DEVIL notice that you will hold your HEAD up HIGH and WALK out this JOURNEY to the GLORY of GOD.  Because Dear FRIENDS its NOT for you, its for the GLORY of GODS Kingdom. Be blessed and accept that this is a FIXED fight and you ARE VICTORIOUS no MATTER what it feels like, looks like, or sounds like.  Trust GOD for “THE” expected END! 

-Debra White Browne