Sitting here with eyes closed, I make secret quiet conversations with God. The room is still quiet and the only sound not heard is LOUD bold silent cry of my heart.

I think about my future, the present and how I look through his eyes.

I know he hears my petition, he heard, and he is yet hearing my silent conversations. He remembers and he is making provision, he is preparing. “He is answering.”

One conversation the one that my heart speaks everyday all day, the one conversation.

In his eyes, who am I. God how do I look before you today?

Still moments in time my heart weighs a million tons. Progressive moments in times, my heart knows no gravity.

Still moments in time, I wonder, I ask, I converse, how do I look in your eyes? Progressive moments in time I remain the apple of his eyes. His diamond hidden from seen and unseen dangers.

Through his eyes, I ask…how do I look today, how do I sound, Father?

A little girl who fears no boundaries in his Kingdom, I dance in a field full of flowers. They are numbered like the sand on the beaches that I love so dear. That field, well it represents my dreams. They are so many, so so many….through his eyes, I wonder how do I look? How do I sound today? I ask my Father?

Quiet moments in time, conversations with him have no limit. To sit among people, but be years away in time, having conversations with God. Boldly I yearn for his reply to saturate my heart and overwhelm me, to search for conversation when I walk into his Glory and to have conversations unspoken.

Silent conversations turned tears collected by God. Written in his book collected in his bottle. Silent conversations labeled, dated, and stamped with his promises.

Silent conversation spoken by the heart, felt by the soul, manifested in tears.

He hears, he heard, and he is hearing, all of your silent conversations.